FSMA affects all countries that are involved in the United States supply chain.

Any food transportation company with revenues over $500,000 that serves as, shipper, carrier, or receiver must comply with the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) rule:

  • A shipper is a person who initiates a shipment of food by motor or rail vehicle. Shippers are frequently the manufacturers or processors of food. They are responsible for supply chain functions initiated by a shipper even if they are performed by another person, such as a person who  only holds food and physically transfers it onto a vehicle arranged for by the shipper.
  • A carrier is a person who owns, leases, or is otherwise ultimately responsible for the use of motor vehicle or rail vehicle to transport  food. The carrier is responsible for all functions assigned to a carrier even if they are performed by other people such as a driver.
  • A receiver is any person who receives food after transportation, whether or not that person represents the final point of receipt for the food. A receiver does not include consumer or others who are not in the business of distributing food.
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